The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son

Regardt has been developing a epic biblical trilogy The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son, which are historical dramas set in first century Judea.



Do You Remember (Post Production 2022)

Two gifted musicians, THOMAS and LAURA, are in their early twenties, bound together by their love for each other and their passion for music.



The Making of a Man 2021

Regardt has completed the filming of Angus Buchan's six part series The Making of a Man.




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Uitvlucht 2015

Starring: Stian Bam, Clara Joubert vd Bergh, Carel Trichardt , Margot Luyt, Jill Levenberg, Oscar Peterson, Marvin Lee Beukes, Neels Coetzee, Clyde Berning, Albert Maritz, Lika Berning, Marcel Maximillian.

ANNA is a teacher at a farm school, Uitvlucht, in the Eastern Cape. The school is barely surviving on dwindling funds. Here Anna is happiest, she is fond of the honesty and colloquial humour of the children who are all from the farming community. Her marriage to WALTER, is on its last legs. She is struggling to keep it together for her children sake. When Walter discovers Anna is having an affair, it is the last straw and they agree to divorce.

DEON a possessive lover, doesn’t leave ANNA alone despite her protests. She is trapped in a web of lies from which she wants to escape. DOK, a gentle amicable farmer meets ANNA at the Uitvlucht school on his farm. He recognizes her brokenness and approaches her with respect and sensitivity and they begin to fall in love. Anna slowly opens up to being loved again. When DEON threatens to break up their newfound love Anna’s world is thrown into turmoil. She begins to feel she doesn’t deserve this second chance anyway. Dok is forgiving and is prepared to wait for her. Anna cannot losen herself from her past.

She makes a pact with God to let go of her old life, to stand up for what she believes, not to be tempted or swayed by Deon again.

Anna’s life begins to brighten. Her personal plight pales for a moment in the face of the scourge of alcohol and abuse crippling the Langkloof communities. Anna finds herself at the frontline of a battle for the well being of the children. As she builds courage in herself she builds up the people around her.

This is a story about God’s unending mercy and grace. It is a story about a Love that conquers all.

The ethos of the Uitvlucht production is one of giving to the community and creating opportunity. A partnership with iKasi Media has ensured that the community in the Langkloof has become involved in casting, training and shadowing opportunities.

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