The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son

Regardt has been developing a epic biblical trilogy The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son, which are historical dramas set in first century Judea.



Do You Remember (Post Production 2022)

Two gifted musicians, THOMAS and LAURA, are in their early twenties, bound together by their love for each other and their passion for music.



The Making of a Man 2021

Regardt has completed the filming of Angus Buchan's six part series The Making of a Man.





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The Lamb (In Development)

In a world torn apart by religious and political conflict, in a time of promise and expectation, an astounding story of reconciliation unfolds.

The Lamb is a heartwarming story of a Jewish father, Mattias, and his young son, Joel. Mattias is an intensely religious man whose life is shattered by the death of his eldest son, Aaron. Driven by grief and anger, Mattias renounces God and turns his back on the family he once treasured.

Neglecting Joel, he struggles to come to terms with his pain and loss. In a desperate attempt to win back his father's love, Joel makes a devastating sacrifice that not only breaks the hardness of his father's heart, but could change their entire world forever. Read more ...




The Red Flag (In Development)

The law of the Red Flag speaks louder than the law carved in stone: Mercy!

In first Century Jewish law, a felon, after conviction and sentence, still had the opportunity to plead for mercy. If any testimony in mitigation on behalf of the convict should be presented, it would be considered, and judgment might be altered accordingly. Even when the convicted person was taken to the place of execution, he or she still had a chance of redemption. At the city gate a flag bearer would signal any worthy testimony in mitigation by lifting the RED FLAG and so alert a rider on horseback, who would follow the procession to the place of execution. Read more ...


The Making of a Man Dec 2021

Have we taken our eyes off Father God and allowed ourselves to become less than what He created us for?

What does it mean to be a man, spiritually and physically? Stand up and be counted.



Uitvlucht August 2015

Regardt has just completed the filming of Uitvlucht, a story about God’s unending mercy and grace. It is a story about a Love that conquers all. Uitvlucht is written by Regardt and his wife, Clara, which is due for release in August 2015.  Read more ...


South African Academy for Science and Art
(27 June 2013 Medal of Honour - Television Award)

On the 27 th of June, Regardt van den Bergh was awarded the Medal of Honor for television from the South African Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was lauded for his outstanding and innovative work on the popular television series "Vloeksteen". In his acceptance speech he thanked his wife, Clara, for her inspiration (pictures to his left) the producer Herman Binge, and the wonderful opportunity the Kyknet channel afforded him.





Dec 2012 South Africa - Klein Karoo in theatres Feb 2013

'Klein Karoo' a new Afrikaans romantic comedy-drama opens in cinemas countrywide in February 2013. Set in the beautiful Swartberg, just outside Oudtshoorn, the film tells the story of Cybil Ferreira, a dedicated young teacher from Oudtshoorn, who will do anything in her power to ensure that her dream of building a recreational centre at the local farm school Kalfiskraal comes true. Read more ...



Hansie (Sept 2008) SA/UK/Australia
Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story (Aug 2012) North America

The Hansie Movie will be released in North America on the 21st August, 2012. In North America the movie is called "Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story". It is available on pre-order from most Christian bookstores and their online websites. It will be in availble in-store beginning August 21, 2012. Read more ...



Kalossie - 2011 South Africa

Kalossie - Movies for Life is excited and proud to announce that these innovative characters and their stories are to be introduced to audiences in December 2011! The first of the Kalossie DVD series comprises of six short stories, each addressing a particular biblical truth set in the bright and brilliant Kalossie universe.
Read more ...




Walk the Talk May 2011 South Africa

Walk the Talk, a Movies for Life production, is the testimony of a broken man who desperately searches for the good news of redemptive love. A young cast and crew helped Regardt van den Bergh to create this short story for the purpose of getting the message of Jesus out to the world.

The series of short films of which Walk the Talk is the first can be used as material for discussion groups, outreaches and entertainment.

Read more ...



Aug 2010 South Africa Film Ranks in Heat's Top 10 Films to See

Regardt's new film, The Incredible Adventures of Hanna Hoekom, ranked 4th and 5th respectively in Heat's Top 10 films to see two weeks in a row! This coming of age South African drama is filled with love, alughter and magical realism as Hanna tries to make senseof her eccentric family. Based on Marita van der Vyver's work, this film was made in three weeks on loncation with the help of some state-of-th-art special effects. Read more ...


Dec 2009 Monaco International Film Festival

The 7th Annual Angel Film Awards took place in Monte Carlo December 3rd - 6th, 2009. The Angel Film Awards is a celebration of non violent films. Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperer walked away with a total of 6 awards in the 2009 Feature Film category.

-Best cinematography - Lee Doig
-Best director - Regardt van den Bergh
-Best supporting male actor - Danny Keogh
-Best original music soundtrack
-Best script
-The Humanitarian Angel Film award

Jul 2009 Ischia Global Music & Film Fest

South African film director, Regardt van den Bergh, was awarded the special Ischia Global Award for his ‘extraordinary films and contribution to the art industry’ at the seventh Annual Ischia Global Film & Music Fest. Van den Bergh’s latest film based on a true story shot in the Kalahari - Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperer - was showcased at the event.

This year’s Ischia Film and Music Fest will be dedicated to South African art and cinema. Regardt’s award is to be recognised among the most reputable international stars of the big screen. Among the talent who participated in previous years include 27 Oscar© winners. Some of the most notable names include:

Directors: Francis Ford Coppola; Norman Jewison; Neil Jordan; Oliver Stone; Bille August; and Giuseppe Tornatore.

Actors: Hilary Swank; Sir Ben Kingsley; Vanessa Redgrave; Matt Dillon; Naomi Watts; Gael Garcia Bernal; Diane Kruger; Gerard Butler; Claire Danes; F. Murray Abraham; Rosario Dawson; Dennis Hopper; Brenda Blethym; Joseph Fiennes; Kim Cattral; Freddie Highmore; Val Kilmer; and many more.

The ceremony was chaired by the Academy Award-winning director, Paul Haggis, while the multi-talented Hollywood manager Jason Weinberg serving as Master of Ceremonies.

Producer, Mark Canton was on the top of the Honorary Board with some of the incredible talents who have been attending the festival in the past six years.

The awards ceremony took place on 12 July on the Isle of Ischia, Italy.