Jan 2015
Uitvlucht in post-production
Regardt has just completed the filming of Uitvlucht, a story about God’s unending mercy and grace. It is a story about a Love that conquers all. Uitvlucht is written by Regardt and his wife, Clara, which is due for release in August 2015. 

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Jan 2015
Tertullus in pre-production...
Regardt has spent the past ten years developing a project called The Lamb, which will go into pre-production in 2015 along with Tertullus, an historical drama set in first century Judea.

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Jun 2013
South African Academy for Science and Art
The Medal of Honour is awarded to the director, Regardt van den Berg for Curse By (Episode 1).

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Boetie Gaan Border Toe! (1984)
Little Brother Goes to the Border

BOETIE GAAN BORDER TOE - Boetie is die tipe ou wat alles sal doen om sy diensplig vry te spring, totdat sy vader hom omkoop! Die storie van 'n seun wat ontwikkel in 'n man op wie sy land voorwaar kan trots wees. Vol humor, taaiheid en 'n sekere soort teerheid wat nog lank onthou sal word.

Boetie is a film about a rich young white South African who does not want to go into the army, but finally grows to accept and like the life. He eventually goes to fight on the border, where he proves loyal to his regiment.


Boetie Gaan Border Toe!