Jan 2015
Uitvlucht in post-production
Regardt has just completed the filming of Uitvlucht, a story about God’s unending mercy and grace. It is a story about a Love that conquers all. Uitvlucht is written by Regardt and his wife, Clara, which is due for release in August 2015. 

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Jan 2015
Tertullus in pre-production...
Regardt has spent the past ten years developing a project called The Lamb, which will go into pre-production in 2015 along with Tertullus, an historical drama set in first century Judea.

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Jun 2013
South African Academy for Science and Art
The Medal of Honour is awarded to the director, Regardt van den Berg for Curse By (Episode 1).

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Kalossie -Kids dvd Series (2011)


Clara Joubert








Regardt van den Bergh







A troupe of exciting new puppets! They are Kalossie, Fielies, Wolf, Spekkies, Hendrina, Elton, Dawid, Bertus, Riekie, Esperanza and Pierre-Wiet!







Movies for Life is excited and proud to announce that these innovative characters and their stories are to be introduced to audiences in December 2011! The first of the Kalossie DVD series comprises of six short stories, each addressing a particular biblical truth set in the bright and brilliant Kalossie universe.

Kalossie is the main character and she helps her friends to get to know and understand Jesus better. The stories address pertinent issues in a childlike way. Issues like identity, purpose, disappointment, theft, even modern day Easter and how to turn a bad situation into a great one are discussed from a child’s perspective!






This DVD hopes to teach our children from a young age true Christian values and attitudes. Kalossie is available in Afrikaans and will soon be translated into English and many other languages too! The DVD is suitable for children from the ages 4-7.


Kalossie is a Movies for Life production

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