The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son

Regardt has been developing a epic biblical trilogy The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son, which are historical dramas set in first century Judea.



Do You Remember (Post Production 2022)

Two gifted musicians, THOMAS and LAURA, are in their early twenties, bound together by their love for each other and their passion for music.



The Making of a Man 2021

Regardt has completed the filming of Angus Buchan's six part series The Making of a Man.




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The Son
(In Development)

Jerusalem 33 AD.

As the nation prepares for Passover, a group of Jewish zealots plan to free their brothers from the Tower Fortress, before the arrival of Pontius Pilate from Caesarea. One of these zealots, Baruch, kills a roman guard in the process.

However, the body is soon discovered, and the breach dealt with before the zealots manage to free their compatriots.

Baruch and a wounded Asaf manage to escape, but Ziba is caught. Asaf succumbs to the pain and alerts the Roman guards with his groaning. They tie him to a horse and drag him mercilessly to the fortress leaving Baruch distraught.

On the rack, Ziba reveals Baruch’s whereabouts and that he is the one who killed the roman guard. Baruch is arrested at his father’s house.

Judah, his father, who is a priest in the temple, desperately seeks counsel from the other priests, while his wife, Hannah, finds solace in the teachings of Yeshua, a prophet who claims to be the Son of God.

Skeptical of this prophet’s identity, Judah forbids his wife to continue her association with him or any of his followers.

When Pontius Pilate arrives, Judah immediately petitions for Baruch’s release. Nicodemus and Eli join him, but in a hearing the following day, Pilate condemns Baruch to be crucified.

Judah witnesses his son’s beaten body getting nailed to a cross. In a desperate attempt to save his son, Judah throws himself onto Baruch, begging the guards to spare his life, but they drag him to the cells instead. Baruch dies staring into his mother’s eyes.

Months later, Hannah and the rest of the family welcome the High Priest bringing the Paschal lamb from Bethlehem.

At the same time, they see Yeshua ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. Soon after this, Yeshua overturns the tables in the temple, rebuking the merchants for making the temple “a den of robbers”.

At home, Judah receives Nicodemus, who tries to persuade him to come back to attend to temple duties, but Judah quickly kicks Nicodemus out of the house. Going back to the temple, he witnesses Eli and a Pharisee, demanding to know by what authority Yeshua acts this way.



Nicodemus’s curiosity leads him to visit with Yeshua at night. It is then that he hears about the kingdom and being born again. With Passover looming, Nicodemus, and Eli attempt to persuade Judah to help them prepare, but he is convinced God has forsaken him. He has lost everything. His son is dead, and his wife might as well be, following this false prophet.

The Pharisees inform Nicodemus that Judas has been paid off to give them Yeshua the next day, but Nicodemus suspects Yeshua is really whom he claims to be.

When Hannah confronts Judah about his drinking, she explains that he is not the only one to have lost a son, that she is suffering too, but has found a way to cope with it through Yeshua’s teachings and the promise of a kingdom where they would be united with Baruch again.

That night Judah experiences a terrible nightmare about Baruch. Convinced he must repent; Judah takes a goat to offer the sacrifice at the temple. At the Nicanor Gate Judah is refused entry, because of the hour. This forces him to build an altar somewhere else.

Judas leads a mob of Pharisees to the Garden of Gethsemane where Yeshua gets arrested. Judah sees them drag his beaten body through the streets of Jerusalem as they dragged the body of his own son. He returns home to build a makeshift altar under his Olive tree where he offers the sacrifice and prays.

Yeshua is taken to Pilate where he is accused of blasphemy and sentenced to be crucified. Judah makes peace with Nicodemus and offers to help with the Passover.

Judah sees Hannah follow the troop to Golgotha. Jerusalem is in turmoil when the sky darkens, and the earth begins to shake. Judah watches Calvary from the temple. In the ninth hour Yeshua gives up His Spirit.

At that moment the veil covering the Holy of Holies is torn from top to bottom and Judah stares aghast into the “presence of God”. During the ensuing earthquake the graves of many burst open.

Knowing Yeshua prophesied His resurrection, the Pharisees convince Pilate to send guards to seal the tomb. Nonetheless, Yeshua resurrects three days later.

When Hannah and the two Mary’s find his grave empty, two angels appear to them to tell them that Yeshua has risen from the dead.

Meanwhile, Judah, praying on the roof, notices a strange light under the courtyard door. He warily opens the door to witness the miracle of the ages; the resurrected Yeshua.

Hannah rushes home to tell Judah the grave is empty. She sees someone stand with Judah at the door. When the person with Judah turns to look at Hannah, it is Baruch! She runs weeping into his arms. They embrace. Only when he looks to his father, does Judah recognize his son and overwhelming joy floods the old priest’s heart.


"At that moment the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth quaked, and the rocks were split. The tombs broke open, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised. After Jesus’ resurrection, when they had come out of the tombs, they entered the holy city and appeared to many people." Matthew 27:51-53