The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son

Regardt has been developing a epic biblical trilogy The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son, which are historical dramas set in first century Judea.



Do You Remember (Post Production 2022)

Two gifted musicians, THOMAS and LAURA, are in their early twenties, bound together by their love for each other and their passion for music.



The Making of a Man 2021

Regardt has completed the filming of Angus Buchan's six part series The Making of a Man.




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Lazarus Phenomenon (2006)

The Lazarus Phenomenon examines two true life documented account of men from different parts of the world each having a real life experience with life after death. A pastor who tragically dies in an automobile accident experiences and encounter beyond the grave only to come back to life over 48 hours later. Ian McCormack never gave God much thought nor did he think about life after death until one tragic night he is stung multiple times by deadly jellyfish off the coast of a small island in the pacific.

The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie was produced by Johan Sturm of Eternal Productions, USA, of Eternal Productions, to explain the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences to a world wide audience. Johan Sturm is a personal friend of Dr Richard Kent, of the Final Frontier Charitable Trust, UK Charity Number 110663. Johan Sturm has kindly given permission for The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie to be freely videostreamed world wide by the Final Frontier Charitable Trust.

Streaming via Youtube of Lazarus Phenomenon: