The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son

Regardt has been developing a epic biblical trilogy The Lamb, The Red Flag and The Son, which are historical dramas set in first century Judea.



Do You Remember (Post Production 2022)

Two gifted musicians, THOMAS and LAURA, are in their early twenties, bound together by their love for each other and their passion for music.



The Making of a Man 2021

Regardt has completed the filming of Angus Buchan's six part series The Making of a Man.




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Doo You Remember?
(Post Production)

Director Regardt van den Bergh, Producer Gary and Diane Beard, Written by Nicolas Beard.

Two gifted musicians, THOMAS and LAURA, are in their early twenties, bound together by their love for each other and their passion for music. Their relationship is opposed by LAURA's father, VINCENT.

THOMAS performs at local venues and helps take care of his widowed mom who struggles with complications from Multiple Sclerosis. When THOMAS' mother dies suddenly, he becomes angry and expresses doubts about God and his faith. Her death and the mountain of debt causes a strain in his relationship with LAURA.

THOMAS gets a phone call from a music producer in Chicago who makes him an offer. THOMAS wants LAURA to leave home and live with him in Chicago. LAURA is broken-hearted but wants her parents' blessing to get married. THOMAS blames her father for manipulating her and leaves for Chicago on a train without her.

On the train, THOMAS meets J.T., a mysterious traveler, whose life story is about music and a lost love. He befriends THOMAS and helps him to realize that he should return to LAURA.

THOMAS gets off the train and hitchhikes back towards home. The man who picks him up, robs a gas station at gun- point and forces THOMAS back into the car. THOMAS tries to stop him by yanking the wheel, resulting in a violent crash.

Six months later, THOMAS wakes-up in a hospital with amnesia caused by a serious brain injury. The benevolent hospital chaplain, PASTOR FRANK, becomes a mentor to Thomas and sets him up in New Orleans with a job, room and board.

Meanwhile, LAURA and her sister ALENA are trying to locate THOMAS but are unsuccessful. She moves to Atlanta after graduation to start her music career. During her work in Atlanta, she meets DAVID who becomes her music manager and fiancé.

LAURA hires a private investigator to search for THOMAS. DAVID intercepts the investigator's report which indicates that THOMAS may be alive in New Orleans. DAVID tells LAURA that the report indicates that THOMAS probably died in Chicago.

Five years later, THOMAS is working at a music-lounge in New Orleans. THOMAS has trouble coping with his physical injuries from the accident, as well as his emotional pain.

THOMAS begins helping the PASTOR at a local orphanage where he teaches children about music. THOMAS is tormented by recurring dreams which are always about the same girl. With persistent, loving encouragement from the PASTOR, a man of great faith and integrity, THOMAS begins to rediscover his passion for music and his faith.

The PASTOR sets up THOMAS with a new band, who agree to perform in the yearly concert to help the orphanage raise money. LAURA is also scheduled to perform in the same benefit concert.

Her family meets DAVID for the first time, but VINCENT doesn't seem to trust DAVID, and realizes that his daughter truly loved THOMAS. He regrets the attitude he had toward THOMAS.

At the concert, LAURA barely misses seeing THOMAS. The post-concert party is at LAURA's parents' home. While at the home THOMAS' memories are being triggered. LAURA sees THOMAS for the first time in years and everything seems surreal as THOMAS recognizes her face from his recurring dream.

THOMAS is overwhelmed with sudden return of his memories. He collapses and is taken to a hospital. LAURA and her family rush to the emergency room. DAVID meets them there and wants LAURA to leave with him to continue her concert tour. During the conversation, DAVID lets it slip that he knew THOMAS may have been in New Orleans. LAURA confronts DAVID and ends their relationship.

The doctor at the hospital tells LAURA that THOMAS is in stable condition and only time will tell if he will recover completely.
Months later, LAURA and THOMAS are performing on stage together and PASTOR FRANK is their new manager.

However, the body is soon discovered, and the breach dealt with before the zealots manage to free their compatriots.